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Name:Burt Hummel
Birthdate:Jul 17
Location:Lima, Ohio, United States of America
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At first glance, Burt Hummel has a very brutish and gruff personality. He is rarely seen to smile, and always looks so serious that its almost disapproving. Clearly this is where Kurt gets his famous sneer from. However, like his son, Burt is a very caring individual and above all, loving towards his son who he treasures above all else. Having lost the love of his life, when their son was only a small child, Burt has never quite gotten over the loss. As such he has done his best to be a good father, perhaps to the point of spoiling him a bit such as buying him expensive designer clothing and a very impressive car (a Lincoln Navigator) for his sweet 16.

Although Burt seems like the expected man's-man, he very accepting and non-judgmental towards his son who recently came out as gay. Burt in fact had been waiting for this admission since Kurt was three and asked for a pair of 'Sensible heels'. However, despite personally accepting his son for who he is, Burt is very afraid that his son will be hurt because of his sexuality. As such, he is immensely proud of Kurt for not sharing this fear and for being so strong, which Burt says he gets from his mother. He also says that even though he wished he could take him out to games, he is still proud of him and for being in the glee club.

Because of Kurt's sexuality and personality in general, Burt if fiercely protective of him. When Kurt was denied the chance to sing "Defying Gravity", Burt angrily confronted Mr. Schuester and the Princpal for discrimination against his son. And when Finn, in a moment of anger, raged at Kurt and called his choices of decoration "faggy", Burt exploded in anger, throwing Finn out of his home for being what the homophobic behavior.

Although Burt does his best to be a good father to Kurt, there is no doubt there they are very different people, making the things they have in common rare. This led to Burt bonding with Finn, who shares many of his interests, and for a while caused issue between him and Kurt. Burt does his best to accept the important things in Kurt's life, but is often disapointed when Kurt fails to accept the important things is his father's life, such as their family Thursday dinners. Still, Burt seems unable to hold a grudge against anyone. Despite Kurt's actions regarding their family dinners and Finn's outburst, Burt has seemed to let both of those incidents pass without further mention.

[From Burt Hummel @ wiki]
This is a roleplay journal only, created for the GLEE post-McKinley college verse RPG, beyondmckinley. Not affiliated to the TV show GLEE in any way. Both Burt and Glee belong to the their creators. For fun purposes only.

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